How to get Android apps on your PC

Do you want to play Android games with a keyboard and mouse or with a gamepad? You can if you install an Android emulator on your computer. You no longer have to worry about the storage capacity or the battery life and you play games on a generous screen. KoPlayer is such a free solution that focuses on gaming. The emulator runs like a charm and you can of course also use it for other apps.

Tip 01: Installation

The installation process of an Android emulator can be technically complicated at times. Due to this complexity, some established names such as Andy and AmiduOS have thrown in the towel in recent years. That is why we would like to know what KoPlayer, a refreshing newcomer, has to offer. The Chinese KoPlayer Inc. brings this product under the motto 'Play bigger, play smarter'. Relax, because the installation and configuration of this emulator is very smooth. Download version 2.0 at After you're done getting the 617 MB, open the file. The installer works in four languages: English, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese. The setup warns that the emulator is taking up a lot of disk space and asks if you want to install the software on an external drive. We stick to our hard drive, choose English and accept the terms and conditions. This automatically brings us to the guide for beginners.

Tip 02: Beginner's Guide

In this guide, you will learn some basic skills to use the emulator smoothly. Gaming via the keyboard can be switched on and off via F12. To zoom in, press the Ctrl key in combination with the mouse wheel. The guide shows how to configure a joystick gamepad. There is also a kind of panic button, the so-called boss key, a key combination to quickly make the screen disappear. And you will learn what the ideal resolution is for your PC. The last slide shows how to transfer files and photos from your PC to the virtual Android device. When you have understood everything, click the button Got it. A few seconds later, Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be running on your PC.


Not all games work well in this emulator that runs on a desktop computer. Then we are talking about games that appeal to accelerometer and where it is important how you actually hold the Android device in your hands. Games in which you have to tilt the device to the left or right cannot simply be controlled from the computer. For example, we think of 3D Bike Rider.

You can play multiple Android sessions at once, a feature most emulators miss

Tip 03: Desktop

Then you get to the desktop, what they call the Home screen here. On this desktop there are already some links to System tool, Browser, Root Explorer and Google Play Store. At the top in the middle are two more buttons, one that takes you back to the Home screen and one that brings out the 'hot' games from Google Play. Nothing is easier to install a game from that last view. Just click the button Download under the title you want. There are two dark bars on the left and right. On the right side, the bar contains three buttons. The top one toggles between open apps, allowing you to play multiple Android sessions at once, a feature most Android emulators lack. The button in the middle shows the desktop and the bottom one is the back button.

Tip 04: Left Bar

In the left bar you will find the button at the bottom to open the full screen mode. This is the best way to enjoy a game with a lot of details screen wide. In this mode, the left and right bars disappear, but they reappear when you rest the mouse pointer on the edge of the screen. Above that is a button to make the menu appear or disappear; here you will also find the plus and minus buttons to adjust the sound volume. At the top of the left bar you will find the Shake-knob; you use it with apps that have a function where you have to shake the device. KoPlayer defaults to a horizontally oriented screen; with the button Rotate put the screen upright. There is also a button to activate the webcam and a button to locate your current GPS location, although the latter function did not work for us. The other four buttons in the left bar will be discussed in a moment: keyboard, Load apk, Shared Folder, screenshot.

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