This way others can no longer control your Chromecast

When you use Chromecast to cast something, everyone connected to the same Wi-Fi network will see a notification with play buttons. These buttons are available to everyone, which is not always desirable. For example, when friends come over, they can take control of your media at will. You don't want that. Fortunately, you can do something about it.

Chromecast streams many different services, such as Netflix and YouTube. Because your smartphone also immediately works as a remote control, and not all services are equally stable in terms of operation, Google has decided to even keep the control buttons in the picture during casting.

This change was made through Play Services, so it doesn't require a system update to add the feature to Android.

This is how the notifications work

Notifications that are constantly on the screen are not only annoying, they are also visible to other users who are connected to your WiFi network. This way everyone on the same network can see who is casting.

Through this notification it is also possible for others to pause or end your cast. However, the control options are limited, so only play, pause, end and fast forward and rewind is possible. In itself it is useful that you can control the cast with another connected device, in case the device with which the cast was started loses the connection.

Disable notifications

To disable Chromecast notifications, you need to enable the Google Home app load on your smartphone or tablet and at the top right of the screen the Devices open menu. Open the map of the Chromecast from which you no longer wish to receive notifications, and click on the icon with the three dots to go to the settings. Look below Device Information and toggle the option Let others manage your casted media from.

However, you can also immediately press the notification and then the settings icon to end up in the settings menu of the Google Home app.

More useful tips

Have you just purchased a Chromecast and are you not yet familiar with the possibilities that the device offers? Then we have collected the necessary tips and information for you in this article. We explain how to cast media, which versions of the Chromecast are available and how to give others access to Google's streaming gadget.

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