You can reset Windows 10 in three ways

Although Windows 10 is a reliable operating system, things can sometimes go wrong. Sometimes the only solution is to reset your Windows 10 and bring it back to factory settings. In this article, we'll discuss three ways you can do that.

The first option we discuss will remove everything from your system. If you're forced to do this, hopefully you'll have a backup of your files somewhere (if not, you'll have to create another one). Then go to Institutions and Update and Security. On the left you see the cup System recovery to stand. Click on that and then under Reset this PC click the button To work. In the next screen choose Delete everything. If you intend to sell the PC, please also click Change settings. Through Data Deletion On you are sure that all your data is gone. If you only want to reset your own system, this is not necessary. Now just click on the buttons to continue to confirm your request while checking the additional options that are offered. Once you hit the Reset button, there is no going back.

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Reset Windows 10: Keep files

You start by repeating the first steps described above. But at the part where you previously chose Delete all, you now choose Keep my files. In the next screen you can indicate whether you want apps and settings, which are default, to be restored during the next installation. Choose No if you don't want that. In the screen that follows you can request the list of apps to be removed. If you click on that, you will see a list of programs that are not from the Microsoft Store and therefore need to be reinstalled manually, via the web or installation file. This list will also appear on your desktop after installation. Now you can confirm your choice.

Resetting Windows 10: Fresh Start

Then we have the third option. If you choose a fresh start, you won't lose all your files. You do get access to Windows 10 that the computer was originally supplied with. This installation file comes from Microsoft. If you use a PC or laptop of a certain brand, it is better to opt for the normal factory settings, because otherwise there is a chance that you will delete certain drivers and programs when Windows reinstalls itself.

Open Windows security settings and go to Device performance and status. At the bottom, under New start, click on the text More information. Now press the button To work. Now click a few times Next one (you'll also be presented with a list of apps you need to reinstall here), until the uninstall and reinstall can begin.

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