How do you know who has unfriended you on Facebook?

Losing a friend on Facebook is not a disaster. But what is annoying is that you don't always know who pressed the unfriend button. Once you know who, you probably won't be impressed, but not knowing is very frustrating. Fortunately, you don't have to, thanks to Unfriend Notify.

Download Unfriend Notify

Unfriend Notify is a free extension for Chrome that will easily notify you that someone has unfriended you, and more importantly, who did. A few months ago, the extension was also available for Firefox, but for some reason that version is no longer available.

You download Unfriend Notify for Chrome by surfing to the extension page in Chrome and clicking For free to install the extension. Then click Add to actually add the extension. You don't need to restart Chrome.

Unfriend Notify is a free extension that shows you who has unfriended you on Facebook.

Working with Unfriend Notify

Once you've installed the extension, little seems to have changed once you open Facebook. That's good, it just means that the extension isn't intrusive, and only rears its head when it's actually needed. To use Unfriend Notify, click on your profile page in Facebook and then friends.

Here too nothing seems to have changed at first, but next to the heading 'Friends' a new option has been added, called 'Lost Friends'. When you click on this you can see at a glance which friends have decided to say goodbye to you. When you now click on this option, the counter is still at zero. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that no one clicked on unfriend, because your friends list is only updated from the moment you use the extension. In other words, install, and check again in a week and hope that the counter is still at zero.

Initially the counter is at zero, but from now on unfriend actions will be tracked.

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