15 tips to make online albums and real photo books

Since the advent of digital photography and smartphones, we take an insane amount of photos. Unfortunately, we don't do enough with it afterwards and that while it is so easy to make an online album or order photo books. This way you can continue to cherish the most beautiful moments.

Part 1: Online album

Tip 01: Facebook

A lot of people share their photos through social networks. Sharing an entire album with your friends in one go is a piece of cake via Facebook. Don't you want the whole world to see the photos from that one birthday party? Then you better adjust the privacy settings. Go to your Facebook page and choose at the top next to Update status in front of Add photos/video. Then choose Create photo album and navigate to the file location of your photos. Hold down the Shift button to select multiple photos at once and continue with the button Open. You can then give the album a name, enter a short description and possibly even add a location and date.

You can move the photos, simply enter a caption or tag Facebook friends. You can also indicate a date and location for each photo. Use the button Add more photos to put additional images in the album and check High Quality if you want to upload the images in high resolution. The penultimate step is the most important: specifying who can see your photos. Do not leave this setting Everybody if you don't want the whole world to enjoy your holiday. Choose friends or - even better - use a custom friends list. To publish the album on your Facebook page, use the button Post photos.

Tip 01 Don't forget to set the privacy of your album.

Tip 02: Mijnalbum.nl

A Facebook album is great for sharing a series of photos with a large group of people. The people you want to share the album with must all have a Facebook account. Besides Facebook, there are a lot of other - and better - tools that you can use to create an online album. In addition, these services allow you to specify very specifically with whom you want to share the photos. A popular tool is MijnAlbum.nl. After the short registration procedure, you can upload an album here completely free of charge. The service is user-friendly and the first 2 GB of storage space is completely free. The only downside is that you will see advertisements.

After uploading your images you can give the album a title. It is useful that you can still rotate each image, if you have not already done so on your computer. click on View album for a preview and use the button To share to send a photo album url to friends or relatives. A standard message will appear, but you can easily customize it. Friends can comment or click the button Nice picture! click. By the way, as an album manager you can see how often each photo has been viewed.

Tip 02 Friends, family members and colleagues can leave comments or indicate that they like the photo.

Tip 03: Picasa Web Albums

Google has its own service for creating online photo albums: Picasa Web Albums. Surf to this website and log in with a Google account. Then tap upload, give the album a name and drag your photos into the large upload window. If you hover your mouse cursor over a particular photo, . will appear Add caption. Click here to add a description to the photo. With the three small icons that appear on the photo, you can rotate an image to the left or right or remove it permanently from the album. If you click on at the top of the bar My pictures click, you get an overview of your albums.

By default, a new album is set as private. In the right column you can indicate who can see the album, by clicking next to only you on edit to click. In the next window, choose Visibility in front of Limited, anyone with the link to share the album with a select group of people. With the function Public on the web you make the album public. If desired, you can also indicate whether people can also see where the photos were taken. To do this, switch the function Show photo locations to those viewing this album in. Since you are now in this window, you can also edit other album information here. Confirm your changes with Saving Changes. Through To share in the right column you can share the album with one or more contacts.

Tip 03 To be able to share the album, set the visibility to Restricted, anyone with the link.

Tip 04: Picasa 3

In addition to Picasa Web Albums, Google also has the Picasa 3 software package. With this program for Windows and Mac, you can easily manage and edit images on your computer. You can download the photo editing package for free. After completing the installation wizard, the program can search your hard drive for photos. To be able to share images online, first click at the top right on Login with Google account. Then you sign up. Select one or more photos and then choose Tools / Upload / Upload to Picasa Web Albums. Bee Image size you can still indicate whether you want to upload the photos in low or high resolution. If necessary, type another message, add contacts and then use the button upload. A few moments later you can view the selected photos via the browser.

Tip 04 From the Picasa 3 software you can easily share photos via Picasa Web Albums.

Share large files

Do you want to send a series of photos in original format to your friends, relatives or colleagues so that they can make or order prints themselves? That is impossible via e-mail. To send large files, it is better to choose a cloud service. Via WeTransfer you can - without having to create an account first - send files up to 2 GB in one go. You simply surf to www.wetransfer.com and add one or more files. Enter the email addresses of your friends, also enter your own email address and click transfer. Your friends will now receive an email with a download link. You can also enter your own email address with the recipient(s), so that you can distribute the unique url among your friends afterwards. Note that the files will only be available for seven days in either case. Don't you think that's long enough? Then you can also use cloud services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. You must first create an account for these services.

WeTransfer is the ideal way to quickly transfer large files.

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