The top four tips for your Fitbit tracker

Okay, you have a Fitbit so you can work on yourself. However, the app can open up a new barrier, so we share the four best tips for beginners below. This way you can try out the application and its possibilities before you put a Fitbit on your wrist. The Fitbit app is available for Android, iOS and Windows, which basically share the same features.

Try it without a Fitbit tracker

Of course, the Fitbit app works best when you have a Fitbit tracker. But in some cases, you can also try out many of the app's features using just your phone. Then you use the MobileTrack function. The software then uses your phone's built-in pedometer to track your progress. You can activate this function by downloading the app and indicating that you do not have a tracker yet. Here you can check whether your phone supports this.

Add your friends

Working out on your own is not always fun, but not everyone can, for example, go for a run when you plan to go. By adding your friends within the app, you can still keep an eye on each other and try to motivate. You add friends by pressing the big plus button in the screen and going to Add friends. You can invite friends through your address book, your Facebook profile, an email address, or a Fitbit profile.

Set your own stride length

Letting everything go automatically often works fine, but sometimes certain aspects can deviate from the norm. This especially applies in stride length, if you have long or correctly short legs, for example. And that affects your performance. By going to the settings of the Fitbit app (press the card in the top right, scroll down to Advanced settings and press Stride length), you can set exactly how big your steps are, so that the measurement can take place accurately.

Try Fitbit Coach

The Fitbit Coach can be a useful tool for those times when you need extra motivation or challenge and don't necessarily want to hire a personal trainer right away. You need to download a separate app for this and take out a subscription. But under the heading for Bodyweight Workouts you will find ten exercises that you can try for free. This way you can first see if you like the Coach, before you immediately spend money on it every month.

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