How to install Google Lens (Android and iOS)

With Google Lens you make the camera of your smartphone or tablet much smarter, thanks to the intelligence of Google. Point the camera at an object and you will see a wealth of information. This is how you install Google Lens on Android and iOS.

Google Lens is an app that uses the camera of your smartphone or tablet to provide information about what is on the screen. If you point your camera at a painting, Lens will consult Google's servers to find out which painting it is within a second. You will receive information about the painter and the story behind the artwork. If you aim the camera at a flower you don't know, Lens will try to tell you what kind it is and where you can buy it in the area. These are just two examples, because Lens can do much more. Think of translating menus, copying text and scanning books and barcodes. Read more about the possibilities of Google Lens here.

Install Google Lens on Android

On most modern Android smartphones and tablets, Google Lens is built into the camera app by default. You can recognize the function by the Lens icon (see the image at the top of this post) in the camera app. By clicking on it, you launch Lens and point the camera at the object or animal you want to get information about. Wait a moment and the results will appear on the screen.

On Android, you can also use Lens via the Google Photos app. Open the app, choose a photo and tap the Lens icon. If Lens knows extra information, you will see it on your image within two seconds.

Lens also works via the Google Assistant, the voice assistant that you call up by saying "Hey Google" or pressing the home button of your device for a few seconds. Now click on the Lens icon and the camera app will start, so that the Lens function 'sees' what you see.

Installing the Google Lens app is often not necessary. In the Play Store app store, you can search Google Lens to find out if the app is installed on your device. If not, you can still do this. Lens cannot be installed on some (older) devices.

Install Lens on iOS

If you're using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can't install Google Lens as a standalone app. It is also not possible to use Lens via the camera app or Google Assistant app. This has to do with iOS limitations.

You can use the Lens function within the Google app, but only if the language of the app is set to English. Open the Google app on your iOS device, tap the Google Lens icon in the search bar and click to enable the camera if prompted. Now tap the subject on your screen or select the text on your screen and choose a result or use the search button.

It is also possible to use Google Lens within the Google Photos app. Launch the Photos app, choose a photo and tap the Lens icon. If Lens can display additional information, it will now appear on the screen. This happens, for example, with paintings, plants, animals, more famous buildings and books.

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