How to manually update Windows

To ensure that your computer remains properly protected, it is important to regularly update your programs and operating system. Windows 10 can automatically install updates. But sometimes it is better to do this manually yourself in between. This is how you update Windows manually.

Windows automatic updates are useful because that way you never accidentally forget to keep your system up to date. Every day, it checks in the background whether new updates are available for Windows and other Microsoft products that are on your computer. These updates are installed immediately when possible. Some updates require you to restart your PC.

For example, when a security vulnerability is discovered or when a large-scale cyberattack is carried out like last week, it is better to update Windows manually instead of waiting for the next automatic update. Here we show how.

Update Windows manually

To navigate to the Windows Update tool yourself, you must Settings > Windows Update go and on Looking for updates click. It then immediately searches for new updates for your system that have not yet been installed.

For security reasons, Windows 10 Home doesn't allow you to hide updates so you don't accidentally skip an important update. This is possible in Windows 10 Pro, so make sure you haven't hidden any important updates.

Install any updates found and then restart your PC. It's a good idea to go back to Settings > Windows Update and check for updates again. Some updates may be related to an update that you have just installed and therefore were not yet visible when you did not have that update.

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