Klipsch The Three - Versatile and retro

The better hi-fi brands are now also mixing in the wireless streaming violence. Also Klipsch, because this American builder comes up with Klipsch The Three. The wooden finish and robust construction make this portable speaker stand out from the crowd. Does this speaker sound as good as it looks?

Klipsch The Three


€ 549,-


RCA inputs (phono and line), 3.5mm audio input, USB type b


Bluetooth (aptX), Wi-Fi

Peak Power Amplifier

80 watts

Frequency range

45Hz – 20kHz


34.82 × 17.78 × 20.3 centimeters


4.7 kilo


www.klipsch.com 9 Score 90

  • Pros
  • High-quality finish
  • Many connection options
  • Built-in phono preamp
  • Great sound quality
  • Negatives
  • No battery
  • No Ethernet port

At the editorial office, wireless speakers come and go, but we don't see such a beautiful copy as The Three too often. The sound box consists of wood and aluminum with a sturdy duster, giving the housing a chic look. The traditional switch and rotary knobs on the top complete the retro look. Although the speaker is fairly heavy with a weight of almost five kilos, the housing does not contain a battery. The Three is therefore mainly intended for home use.


This portable speaker has something special, namely a built-in phono stage. So feel free to connect a record player to the analog input and enjoy vinyl. You can also easily connect an MP3 player or computer to this speaker, because in addition to RCA inputs, we see a USB port and 3.5 mm sound input. Furthermore, Klipsch The Three has a WiFi and Bluetooth adapter, so that wireless streaming is also possible. In fact, only an Ethernet connection is missing for those who want a stable network connection for high-resolution audio files.

Nevertheless, the versatility of The Three is commendable. You can set up a multi-room audio network from the Klipsch Stream app if desired, although you will need several suitable Klipsch products for this. Streaming from Spotify, Tidal or your own music server works excellently via a smartphone or tablet! In addition to operation from the iOS or Android app, the manufacturer also provides a simple remote control.

Sound quality

The The Three is in fact a compact stereo system, with two full-range 2.25-inch audio drivers and a 5.2-inch woofer responsible for the sound production. To give the bass even more power, the device also contains two passive bass reflex ports. The bass is quite deep for a speaker of this size. This wireless speaker delivers clear sound in both high and low. Subtle bass lines, background choirs and guitar parts come out well at a modest volume level, so that the audio reproduction sparkles in a pleasant way.

This is where The Three differs from cheaper brands such as Teufel and JBL, where the emphasis is much more on a lot of bass and a loud sound. To prevent audio loss, it is a condition to sit right in front of the speaker. If you turn up the volume level slightly, distortion is lurking. Incidentally, that's no shame for a speaker of this size.


Are you looking for a beautifully finished wireless speaker that manages to squeeze the smallest details out of sound recordings? The Three will not disappoint you, with the songs showing sufficient dynamics even at a low volume level. An advantage, because this means music lovers are less likely to suffer from listening fatigue. Add to that the extensive connection options and we are dealing with a topper here. Disadvantages are the lack of a battery and Ethernet connection.

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