How to install the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft released the latest version of Windows 10 on Tuesday, October 2. The so-called October 2018 update with version number 1809 will be rolled out to computers during the course of today. You can also choose to manually update Windows 10. In this article, we'll show you how to do that.

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The new October 2018 update of Windows 10 includes a number of improvements and new applications. In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed and certain parts work in a different way.

To update

When updating Windows 10, you can always choose a direct, so-called in placeupdate, where the system is brought in through Windows Update, or download the update manually.

Another option is to create a bootable USB stick or a DVD so you can reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. That too just works for the October 2018 update.

If you opt for an update via Windows Update, you can check whether the latest version (1809) is already available there. You do that through Institutions and Update and secure. When the new update for Windows 10 is available, you will see it automatically appear with Windows Update and you can choose to install it directly. Note: you need about 15 GB of free space on the hard disk to be able to perform the update.

Download Windows 10 October 2018 Update

A separate tool can also be found on Microsoft's download page for updating your current Windows 10 installation. Note: this tool only works for a Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, you cannot use this tool to update Windows 7, 8 or any other version to the October update.

To download the tool, click on the button at the top of the page Update Now.

The download of the tool (6.27 MB) starts and after a few seconds you run the Windows10Upgrade9252.exe program. The update wizard then starts with a welcome screen, where you can read that the new update is available.

Press the button Edit now. It first checks whether there is sufficient disk space, and whether all other system requirements are sufficient to install the update. If these options have been checked and your computer meets the requirements, the new installation files for the Windows 10 October Update will now be downloaded for you.

About 2.5 GB of files will be downloaded, and depending on your internet connection, it can take up to 30 minutes to download the files. By the way, with this tool you can only update your existing Windows 10 installation directly to the October 2018 update. The tool does not offer the possibility to create, for example, a bootable USB stick or DVD, for that you have to use the Media Creation Tool, but at the time of writing the October update is not yet included.

Download complete

When the download of all files is complete and the files have been checked, the actual installation procedure will start. From that moment on it is no longer possible to interrupt the installation and you have to wait until you receive a message that the computer needs to be restarted.

During the update process itself, you cannot set or adjust anything further, that only happens when the computer is restarted. That message will appear automatically, at the same time as a countdown timer. If you don't do anything, the computer will reboot automatically after half an hour, but if you want to initiate the reboot yourself, press the Restart now button. Make sure to close and save all your open programs and files.

After the reboot

The computer will probably restart a couple of times. After the second reboot, you have the option to check your privacy settings again. With every Windows update, everything is automatically enabled again, so check this extra carefully. Microsoft has also announced which data is collected, so you may want to go through all the settings again after installation.

You will then be presented with a login screen where you can select the account with which you were previously logged in with Windows 10. It is also possible in this screen to create a new account, in which case you choose the link I am not at the bottom, where is the name of the account you used when you installed the Windows 10 October update.

Check the version

Wondering if you have now successfully installed the October update? Go to the start menu and immediately type the command winver, followed by Enter. If everything went well, you should now see the version number Version 1809 (Operating System Build 17763.1). Note: your build number may differ from the one shown here, the version number is the most important.

Does the above screen match yours? Congratulations, you have successfully installed the October Update and can enjoy all the new features of this updated Windows 10 version.

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