Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) - Paying for the name

Those who prefer smartphones from Samsung and do not want to spend too much money for a new smartphone that looks nice and is handy will soon have the Galaxy A3 in their sights. But is it also a good choice? We answer that question in this review.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

Price € 329,-

Colors Black, Blue, Gold, Pink

OS Android 6.0

Screen 4.7 inch super amoled (1280x720)

Processor 1.6 Ghz octa-core (Samsung Exynos 7)


Storage 32 GB (expandable with memory card)

Battery 2350 mAh

Camera 13 megapixel (rear), 8 megapixel front

Connectivity 4G (LTE), Bluetooth 4.1, wifi, nfc, gps

Format 13.5 x 6.6 x 0.8 cm

Weight 135 grams

Other Fingerprint Scanner

Website 6 Score 60

  • Pros
  • Compact
  • Fast Fingerprint Scanner
  • smooth camera
  • Waterproof
  • Negatives
  • Price quality
  • No full HD screen
  • Not the latest Android version
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You're crazy these days if you pay top prize for a smartphone. For less than 400 euros you can now buy fantastic devices from, for example, OnePlus, Huawei, Lenovo or WileyFox. Samsung devices are usually priced slightly higher. This also applies to this Galaxy A3, a renewed version of the Galaxy A3 that appeared in early 2016. For about 350 euros you get a Samsung Galaxy device that can be bluffed on specifications. But it is of course also the name and reputation of Samsung that you pay for.

The device has a modest size and a screen diameter of 4.7 inches (converted 12 centimeters) and because of its metal edge it feels like it can take a beating. The back of the device is unfortunately plastic, so the look of the device and the durable feel when holding it are a bit of a mismatch. Nevertheless, the build quality is good, as the Galaxy A3 is waterproofed, which is quite an advantage over some direct competitors. Other plus points of the Galaxy A3 are the USB-C connection and the fingerprint scanner, which is located in the button below the screen. It works remarkably fast and accurately.

quick shooter

The camera also works very nicely. Especially those looking for a smartphone that quickly delivers a good photo will love the Galaxy A3. Press the home button twice and press the shutter button once. Within two seconds you have a neat photo. Even when I put the device to the test by taking pictures against the sun.

The results are not astonishing and you should not expect that in this price range. Colors do not splash off your screen and the focus is sometimes wrong. But there is still a remarkable amount of detail.


But in other areas, the Galaxy A3 is bluffed by cheaper devices such as the Moto G4. Take the screen for example. The colors look a bit too faded, but it is mainly the low resolution that stands out. You can count the pixels, if you feel the need to. The A3 has a resolution of 1280 by 720, while you can already buy devices with a full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080) for half the price.

The device also does not have the biggest muscles with its 1.6 GHz octacore processor. But in practice you hardly notice it. What should work quickly, such as starting the camera and the fingerprint scanner, also works quickly. It's only when you start heavier apps and games or type very quickly that you notice it. But for basic use, the A3 is powerful enough.

In terms of battery life, the Galaxy A3 is not very noticeable. The device will last for a day with normal use. The battery capacity is not very large, but that is compensated by the compact screen and low resolution in combination with no excessive processing power.

Android and TouchWiz

Unfortunately, the Galaxy A3 does not run the latest Android version. For the time being, you have to do it with Android 6.0, a version that is almost a year and a half old. The well-known Samsung skin TouchWiz has been placed over Android, which characterizes Galaxy devices. As we are used to, we find quite a few duplicate apps, such as all kinds of Microsoft apps that offer functions that Google has already put in Android, a second browser and a Samsung app store. The settings are also quite cluttered. I did find a Samsung Members app, in which I could (among other things) test individual device components and sensors to see whether they work adequately. Useful!


You can't go wrong with the Galaxy A3. For a reasonable price you get a nice device. However, you can find better smartphones in the same price range. But are you looking for a Galaxy device that is ready for the standard work, fits in every pocket and (hand) bag and takes good photos quickly? Search no further.

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