Lost your smartphone? This is how you find him

No matter how careful you are, there are always phones that get lost or stolen. Fortunately, there are also different ways to find it. If your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android smartphone is lost, you'll have it back in no time with these tips (and a little luck).

GPS tracking

Finding your smartphone shouldn't be a problem with the features that Apple, Google and Microsoft offer on their websites. You can find your smartphone by using GPS tracking. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that you have the GPS on on your smartphone. If not, there are alternatives to locking, securing or even requesting your smartphone back from the finder. There is a way for all operating systems.

Android Device Manager

You can determine the location of your smartphone with the help service Android Device Manager from Google. On the website you can find your device after logging in to Gmail. First of all, you get to see where your Android smartphone is on the world map.

If it is indicated that you are nearby, you can click to call press to activate your smartphone. It doesn't matter if the sound is on, you will hear the highest ringtone for five minutes. You can also use your device lock and to clear, so that others cannot access your data if your mobile is lost or stolen.

Find my iPhone

iCloud allows you to find your lost Apple device. You log in to iCloud and can then call yourself or delete the contents of your smartphone. Also, just like with the other smartphone operating systems, you can remotely lock your iPhone.

Windows Phone: Find my phone

You can find your Windows Phone on the Microsoft website. Sign in to Microsoft's website and click Find my phone. Use the map to find the location of your phone. You can also click To call click to play a sound, in case your phone lands somewhere between the cushions of the couch. With the options lock and To clear you can keep your important data safe if you really lost it.

Prey Anti Theft

An alternative to find your devices is Prey Anti Theft. This app can be downloaded from the Android and Apple app stores, and it helps you to find your device in the same way as the trackers mentioned earlier.

The handy thing about the app is that you can also forward data from your device to yourself, so that you can still request sensitive information. So you won't lose any data, which is an advantage if you forgot to synchronize your other devices with each other. So do this especially if you haven't already.

What to do?

It is important to know that you can go to the police if you have lost your smartphone. Do this and try to trace your device yourself. This allows you to indicate where your smartphone should be to a very precise location.

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