How to use the new emoji feature in Windows 10

In the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft added a new feature: emojis. Now you can easily add funny characters and pictures to texts and chat messages.

It has been possible for some time on every smartphone and it has also been possible for some time with some separate applications under Windows 10 such as Slack and WhatsApp. But now Windows 10 supports Fall Creators Update native emojis.

key combination

As of the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft now offers the option to add emojis in every input field, regardless of which application it is. A special key combination has even been devised for this: WinKey + . (Windows key at the same time as a period). If you type that key combination into an input field, for example in Skype, the Windows 10 search box or the address bar, you can now choose from a series of characters.


For chat messages via Skype, it can be a nice addition if you use emojis. But the key combination works in every input field, so for example also in the search window in the Explorer, in the start menu and the address bar of Edge. And even when you create a new file, you can use emojis, so you can also create the most creative file names. Note: files containing emojis are not clearly visible in Windows 7, the name of the file then changes into meaningless blocks.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - and also the previous versions of Windows 10 - can still handle emojis in file names.

Word processing

Apart from the input fields in Windows 10, you can also use emojis in most word processors. Of course, emojis work in Word 2016, but not in Notepad or Wordpad; in the latter app you do see the selected emojis, but they are simply displayed in black blocks. In Word 2016 are almost identical to the original.

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