This is how you make an online wish list

Your birthday present, a Christmas present or gift for your wedding. All reasons to make a wish list so that friends know what to gift you. In 2017, of course, we no longer do that on paper. In this article you can read about the best online wish lists.

Tip 01: Why online?

An old-fashioned wish list on paper has its charm, of course, but the search for a “red Magimix, the one with those five accessories” can cause some frustration for the buyer. Better is a digital wish list to which you can immediately add a link to a web store, a type and model number of a device or an isbn number of a book. Fortunately, there are dozens of online wish list services. Almost every major online store has a wish list feature, but there are also services that have databases of different stores in their system. The most well-known list services are non-Dutch, but there are also a number that focus specifically on Dutch stores. In this article, we'll cover the best options.

Handy: you can immediately include a link to a web store in a digital wish list

Tip 02: is one of the most visited online stores in the Netherlands and of course you can create a wish list on the website. Go to, create an account or log in with your account details. Go to a product from the range that you want to add to your wish list and click next to the yellow button on the white button with the text on wish list. By default, the product is added to your general wish list, but you can also click on the pop-up screen Add to new list click if you want to create a list for, for example, Christmas. click on Make list and the new wish list is created. To view the wish list, click view wish list from this menu or choose the heart in the top right corner of the site. You can now add a message to the top of your wish list if you click Add note clicks. Here you can, for example, indicate that you have certain extra wishes or let us know for which occasion the wish list is.

The most important thing, of course, is that you share your list with others. click on Share list and enter email addresses below E-mail address(es) of the recipient(s). It is useful to check Send a copy to myself and a clear title under Subject of the email to write. below Message write a short explanation so that recipients know what it is about.

Share list? Make sure you have a clear subject line and send a copy to yourself

Tip 03: My wish list

One of the Dutch options to create a wish list is My Wish List. Go to and click at the top Register. Log in with your Facebook account or provide an email address. rear User name enter your unique username; people can now see your wish list when they go to{username}. You cannot change your username later. If you want to make multiple lists, click on the gear and choose + New wish list. To add an item to your wish list, click Add article. Select Catalog and a database of more than fifteen million articles is opened. The service says that all kinds of web stores are supported, but every link leads to the website. However, you can click at the bottom add yourself to your wishlist. Enter the web address and name of the article. The site now makes a suggestion for an image. Indicate a price, click on Save and the item is listed.

To pull straws

With My Wishlist and you can also draw lots digitally. At My Wishlist, click on Lootjes and enter the email addresses of the participants. Enter at least three participants and via the site you can see who you have drawn a ticket from and what his or her wishes are. You can also specify rules so that family members cannot pull each other.

Tip 04: is another good option. click on Make a list and fill in your details to register. To make your list for a special occasion, click behind Wish list for on Just like that and turn this into something else. click on Giftadd and enter a description. You can optionally add a link to the webshop. As soon as you type in an article, the site will also give you suggestions from online stores. You can add this automatically by clicking Add + to click. When your list is complete, click on Settings and select Visibility for example everybody, if they can answer my personal question. Below you indicate the question and the answer. Smart, because a personal question is easier for friends and family to remember than a password. Someone who now opens the link can check an article off the list. You won't be notified of this, of course, but other guests will know that the item has already been purchased by someone else. The site also offers the possibility to draw lots.

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