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October 13 & 14 is Amazon Prime Day. To score the latest deal well prepared, we give you a number of tips. Thanks to the arrival of Amazon in the Netherlands, you no longer have to worry about high customs costs and you can even have items delivered in a day. In this article we not only give you an explanation of how you can order via Amazon, but also which skills you can use.

Where the competition often refers to all kinds of products and offers on the first page, Amazon is especially keen on showing the multitude of categories it has. There is also additional information about the Prime subscription and Amazon recommends a few products based on previous searches.

With the arrival of, the streaming service Amazon Prime Video has been discounted to 3.99 euros.

Order on

It's up to you whether you want to scroll and shop a bit, or whether you prefer to work more efficiently. At the moment, the store in the Netherlands is not as extensive as in America, but you can still find millions of products there. This is how you go about purchasing something on Amazon:

  • Go to
  • Enter what you are looking for in the search bar, for example earplugs
  • Press enter and you will see the offer. Each product has an indication of when you will receive it if you have a Prime subscription. It also indicates what the shipping costs are and what the reviews are of a product, if there are any. Of course there is also a photo of the product and the price.
  • Once you have made a choice, click on the title of the product. You will then go to the product page. Here you will find more technical specifications and color options. You get the opportunity to take a closer look at the product and it says some more customers who bought this product have bought. At the bottom you will find the reviews of other customers.
  • If you want to purchase the product, you can see on the right whether it is in stock, what it costs, when it will be delivered and who the seller is. Click on 'Add to Cart' if you want to purchase it and continue shopping. Select 'Buy' if you want to go straight to the checkout.
  • Amazon will then ask you to log in. It is also possible to create a new profile by clicking on 'Create your Amazon account'.
  • After that has been successful (log in or create a new account), you will see what you are buying again and go to 'Checkout'.
  • Amazon will then take you through the delivery address and after you have chosen 'Delivery to this address', you will be given the choice between multiple delivery options. Choose one.
  • Now comes the least fun moment: paying. If you already have a credit card in your account, you can select it immediately, iDeal or Bancontact is also possible.
  • Make your choice and you will arrive at the final screen where you place the order. It is shown one more time where the item will be delivered, how payment is made and what the costs are. Click on 'Place your order' to confirm and your order has been placed. Amazon will also send you an email about this.

You may purchase something through Amazon yourself, but there are also many other parties that offer their products on Amazon. So you don't necessarily have to expect a package from Amazon. Before you order, always check whether you can get the product cheaper elsewhere. And check the return rules of the provider carefully: they are different for every provider, if something comes from Amazon itself, it is according to Amazon's rules (30 days, if in original condition).

Amazon: new in the Netherlands

Amazon has not been in the Netherlands for very long and it shows. The search function leaves a lot to be desired. In addition, sometimes the products are not translated correctly or there is a wrong photo. You will also see that the reviews are in English. is still very early, so we are working on making it better and better.

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