Air Video HD: The Perfect Video Player for iOS?

From the moment I own an iPhone and iPad, I have run into the problem that watching movies on these devices is always a hassle. The subtitles don't work, file formats aren't supported, or it's just too complicated.

With Air Video HD, these problems now seem to be a thing of the past. Air Video HD is an app that makes it possible to watch movies stored on a computer from an iPhone or iPad. This uses the computing power of the computer to convert the movies into a format recognized by an iPhone or iPad during playback. This can be done over the internet or your local network. However, if you want to be able to watch a movie without internet, it is also possible to save it on your iPhone or iPad.

What makes Air Video HD so good is that the app is understandable by everyone, but still offers all the functionality I look for in such an app. For example, you install a small program on the computer where your films are stored and then you tell this program where your films can be found. Your iPhone or iPad will then automatically find this computer when you are connected to the same network. You can start a movie with the push of a button. The only thing left for you to tell the app is whether or not you want subtitles.

What you should pay attention to with Air Video HD is that you have a fast network and that you are not too far from the wireless access point. For example, I couldn't watch movies in my garden because the internet simply wasn't fast enough here. Of course it is possible in these situations to pre-save movies on an iPhone or iPad.

In short

Air Video HD is an app that makes it possible to play movies stored on a computer on an iPhone or iPad. The app distinguishes itself by the many functions that have been put in a user-friendly jacket. However, a fast network is required to play videos smoothly.

Rating 9/10

Price: € 2.69

Available for: iPhone, iPad, Mac & Windows

Tested on: iPhone & Mac

Download Air Video HD on the App Store

You can find the software for your computer on the Air Video website.

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