Netflix introduces offline mode

Netflix - finally - introduces the ability to watch movies and series offline. The necessary app update is now rolling out for Android and iOS.

Watch offline

Netflix reports this on Twitter. The streaming service will not immediately make all its films and series available offline, but will start with some of its own productions. These include Stranger Things, Narcos and Orange is The New Black. It is not yet clear when the offline offer will be expanded.

The feature will be brought to Android and iOS via an app update in the coming days. Soon a button will appear in the Netflix apps next to the movie/series to download it. When that is complete, the media can be viewed at a later time without an internet connection. It is not yet known how much storage space the offline films and series take up. The offline download does not cost anything extra, Netflix has confirmed.

Computer!Totaal has already received the update on both the iPhone and an Android smartphone, below are a few screenshots.

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