The Five Best Healthy Recipes Apps

Recipe apps abound, but if you're looking to eat a little healthier, a dedicated healthy recipe app will help get you started. We've highlighted the five best healthy recipe apps for you.

Tip 1: Runtasty

Runtastic is an app that helps you track your running and cycling adventures. The app has released an app with the brilliant name Runtasty. This app is packed with healthy recipes.

You will immediately see a number of interesting recipes, but you can also search specifically for sugar-free, gluten-free or vegetarian dishes by using the labels at the top.

The small colored icons under the recipes are handy: a green icon means, for example, that the dish is vegetarian and a yellow icon means that it is an easy recipe.

Tip 2: Youmiam

Youmiam wants you to sign up with Facebook or your email address. Then you can fill in your profile as accurately as possible so that Youmiam gives you recipes that are only of interest to you. For example, you indicate whether you do not want to eat certain things and whether you have allergies.

It is useful to fill in your profile as accurately as possible, and also indicate your cooking level. This way you make sure that you don't find difficult recipes if you don't really like cooking.

The recipes come from authors but also from companies. Do not wonder why, for example, a number of sandwiches with brie are offered, manufacturer Président has offered these recipes to Youmiam. You can like recipes, comment on recipes and add all ingredients to your shopping list at once. The recipes are all in Dutch.

Tip 3: Tasty

The app Tasty will immediately ask you if you are vegetarian and will not show you recipes with meat if desired. The photos accompanying the recipes will make you hungry right away and the step-by-step mode is handy when you want to prepare the dish.

The recipes are all in English and in most cases the amounts are stated in US units only. Some recipes do indicate the number of milliliters or grams.

Tip 4: Yummly

If you want to use Yummly properly, it is useful to first go to the settings and before Dietary Preferences to choose. Here you indicate whether you have allergies and whether you follow a certain diet. Choose Add Disliked Ingredient if you don't want to encounter the ingredient in the app.

Yummly does not only focus on healthy recipes, but has a lot of them in the database. if you're on Explore you can search in different categories. There are also useful videos of many dishes online.

Tip 5: Recipe maker

This app is not a recipe app, but your own cookbook. You can add a recipe yourself, but it is more convenient to add a recipe from one of the well-known recipe sites. To do this, simply tap on well-known recipe sites and choose, for example, AH Allerhande, BBC goodfood or

The website is now shown from the app and as soon as you find a tasty recipe, choose Add this recipe to my recipes. If Recipe Maker cannot automatically copy all data to the app, you will receive a message that you have to add texts yourself. For example, now select the name of the recipe and choose Name at the bottom. When everything is added, tap Finished and your recipe will appear in your own cookbook.

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