5 apps for the bargain hunter

Whether you're shopping for clothes, groceries or appliances: nobody likes to pay the top prize. Are you someone who is always looking for the best buy? And who scours the internet for discount coupons? Then take a look at these 5 apps for discounts and real bargain hunters and make your (cheap) chance!


Do you really want to stay informed of all offers and not miss anything? Then Pepper is the app for you. In this app, people post all the offers they come across themselves. In the app you get a very complete range of all discounts and the necessary discount codes. You can set an alert for specific products or stores. This way you are one of the first to get wind of a new offer. All in all, the app can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning and also a bit cluttered, but those who want to get the best out of the porridge will quickly familiarize themselves with this app.

Advertising brochures

Do you regret that you stuck that no-no sticker on your letterbox and do you really just want to browse through the newspaper of Aldi or Kruidvat? Then the Advertising Folders app is your rescue. Not only do you save a lot of paper waste by downloading this app, but you can also browse all available folders from all stores. You can view all brochures nationally, but also the local offers. Do you have a few stores that you normally go to? Then add these to your favorites so that you always have the corresponding folders at hand.


Scoupy is a cashback app for your groceries. If you want to save money on your daily necessities, Scoupy is the right choice for you. If you buy smart, the money you eventually get back can add up. In Scoupy you can also view all the brochures of supermarkets, so you kill two birds with one stone. Couldn't find a deal? Even then you can still benefit from Scoupy. If you post a photo of your receipt with a value of at least €10, you can save points. If you have a full savings card, you will receive extra cashback benefits.

Groupon/Vacation Auctions/Social Deal

Groupon, Holiday Auctions and Social Deal are of course the usual suspects when it comes to bargain hunting. All these apps offer outings, articles and even holidays for next to nothing. Groupon and Social Deal are very similar in their offerings. At Holiday Auctions you bid yourself and you therefore determine the price that you are willing to pay. The nice thing about this concept is that every time you score a good deal, you not only save money, but also experience a short win moment if you outsmart everyone else who bids.


Spontaan is an app where restaurants offer their best price. This is a great way for the restaurants to get their tables occupied, and a great opportunity for you to go out for dinner. In the app, you can view which restaurants nearby offer a deal based on your location. You can also place a reservation directly from this app. This way you are assured of a tasty and affordable snack outside the door.

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