Tutorial: Save YouTube videos and watch them offline on your iPad

The iPad is an ideal device for watching videos on the go. YouTube contains a huge amount of videos and is therefore an ideal source to find fun videos. One major drawback, however, is that you can't save YouTube videos, so you need an internet connection to watch videos. This is of course not convenient on the road. Video Downloader Super Lite solves this problem and allows you to save YouTube videos. In this guide, we'll show you how to save Super YouTube videos using Video Downloader.

Video Downloader Super is an app that allows you to save YouTube videos very easily. The app is available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, although your videos are of course best viewed on an iPad. Do you want to be able to watch YouTube videos offline. Then download the Video Downloader Super Lite app from the App Store. The app is available in free and paid version. The free version, Video Downloader Lite Super, allows you to store up to 15 videos simultaneously on your iPad. Is this not enough for you? Then buy Video Downloader Super Premium, the full version of the app, for 3.59 euros.

Find a nice video

Is the app installed? Then open the app by clicking on the icon. The app opens in the tab by default To leaf through, which shows YouTube. You can immediately start looking for a nice video that you want to save. Simply browse through the various overviews and categories that can be found on YouTube or use the search engine.

Find a nice video in the 'Browse' tab

Save the video

Did you find a nice video? Then open it by clicking on the video. Once the page has loaded, the video will start playing and a pop-up will be displayed automatically. The pop-up gives you the choice of options Save to Memory and Cancel. Choose Save to Memory to save the video. Video Downloader Super will now save the video to your iPad.

Click on 'Save to Memory' to save the video

Watch the downloaded video

Want to watch a downloaded YouTube video offline? Then go to the tab Downloads to view an overview of all saved videos. Select the video you want to play by clicking on the video and click the green arrow in the top right corner of the screen to start the video.

Play videos via the 'Downloads' tab

Create a playlist

Have you downloaded several videos you want to watch in succession? Then use a playlist. Open the tab playlist and press the button Add playlist. Give the playlist a name and press OK. Then click the button Add video and select the videos you want to add to the playlist. click on Ready in the top right corner to confirm your choice.

Use playlists to play multiple videos in succession

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