Editing movies on your iPhone

With an iPhone you can easily shoot cool videos. Watching those individual films is fun, but it becomes even more exciting when you edit them into a cool film. Video editing used to require a powerful PC. Now you just do it on your own iPhone and put the result online immediately if you wish.

We hardly think about it anymore, but not so long ago you needed a pretty bulky digital video camera to film. Subsequently, many hours had to be spent behind the PC for the editing and then that device was also stamped hard for a while to process the raw material into a presentable film. Fortunately, that's different now. Also read: How to shoot more professional videos with your iPhone.

You film something with your iPhone whenever you want and you no longer need a PC for editing. You just do that on the iPhone itself. This way you can put together the coolest films under all circumstances and put them online immediately so that everyone can enjoy them as quickly as possible.

Editing movies has become an easy job thanks to your iPhone. Still, an editing app contains many smart functions that you easily overlook. In this how to, we will therefore conjure them up for you.

You can now edit movies on your iPhone.

Edit with iMovie

Apple has a great app with which you can easily edit films. This app is called iMovie and costs 4.49 euros. Because it can also be used on your iPad, you immediately kill two birds with one stone. If you buy a new iPad or iPhone, there is good news. The app is then completely free.

iMovie is purely intended for editing films. Unfortunately, you can't use the app to improve exposure, color, sharpness, and more. There are also no creative filters.

iMovie is a versatile app that you get as a gift with a new iPhone or iPad.

Start project

Editing a movie is seen as a project in iMovie. That is why you start in the Projects section. The first time you don't have anything, of course, so tap the plus sign in the top right to start your first movie montage. Then tap Movie. You can then choose from eight themes.

A theme determines the appearance of your film and there is already a music to it. Tap the play button under a theme for an impression and on Make movie at the top right of the screen when your choice is made. Don't worry, you can always switch themes later.

You can choose from eight themes.

Loading movies

In landscape view you now see a screen with icons along the sides and at the bottom a timeline in which the videos to be edited will soon be shown. Tap the movie frame icon with a musical note next to it and then Video if necessary to access the movies on your iPhone.

Tap on a movie you want to add, after which a row of icons will appear. This allows you to play the fragment for a while to make sure that this is the correct copy. Add to the montage by tapping the downward pointing arrow.

Tap the movie frame (with music note) to add movies.

Combine images

As soon as you tap on a movie in the library and the row of icons appears, there are some smart extras. For example, you can choose to use only the sound track by tapping the sound wave icon.

If you choose the two overlapping but shifted squares, you add this movie as a so-called 'cutaway'. Via the square with a smaller square in the corner you get a picture-in-picture. The last icon has the square divided exactly in half. This allows you to play two videos side by side. We'll come back to these three special effects later.

You can combine two videos via the three right icons.

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