Google Calendar Tips and Tricks: 11 Hidden Gems

With Google Calendar, you can do a lot more than just type in the details of an event. For example, did you know that you can add events to the Calendar by simply speaking them? Let's see how we can make Google Calendar even better with these 11 hidden features.

Google Calendar - Tip 1

Google Calendar can display multiple calendars. Click the button next to Other calendars in the left panel and select Browse interesting holidays. Subscribe to Holidays in ... for example the holidays, or follow the sports link to your favorite football team and add match dates.

Google Calendar - Tip 2

You can add a background image to make the display more interesting. Go to the gear icon, labs, and switch background image in. Go to General in Calendar settings and search for Calendar background. click on Choose image and select your favorite photo.

Google Calendar - Tip 3

Anyone traveling with a laptop will find themselves without an internet connection every now and then, meaning Calendar will not be available. The solution is to set Calendar for offline use. Select Offline in the gear menu, and install it from the Chrome Web Store.

Google Calendar - Tip 4

After adding offline capabilities in case you don't have an internet connection, you need to go to the gear icon, and click Settings > Offline click. Calendar can work with multiple calendars such as work, personal, holidays, and so on. Select which one you want to use offline.

Google Calendar - Tip 5

Meetings and appointments won't happen at 3am, so why would you want to display such hours on your calendar? click on labs in the gear menu and select Enable next Hide morning and night. Go back to the day view of the calendar and click 00:00 to 07:00 to hide these hours.

Google Calendar - Tip 6

Google Calendar has day, week, and month views, but what if you want to see further ahead? Go to labs in the gear menu and toggle year view in. Click the arrow on the right to show the right panel if it is hidden, and click go below year view.

Google Calendar - Tip 7

If you have Google Calendar, you also have Gmail, which allows users of other calendars, such as or the Windows 8 Calendar, to invite you. They just add you as an invitee with your Gmail address. click on yes to add the event to your own calendar.

Google Calendar - Tip 8

This also works the other way around, and you can invite Google Calendar users as well as or Windows Calendar users to events. When you create an event all you need to do is enter their email address in the Add guests field on the right side of the page.

Google Calendar - Tip 9

While it's easy to see what time it is in another country using Google, it's helpful to add a time zone clock to the display if you often have Calendar open. Go to labs in the gear menu and toggle world clocks in. Open the left panel and click Settings to add clocks.

Google Calendar - Tip 10

Why type appointments when you can record them? Click on the microphone icon in the search field on the Google homepage, and simply say what you want. The text will then appear on the screen, after which you can confirm that it is correct to add it to Calendar.

Google Calendar - Tip 11

Calendar can alert you when events change or are about to start, so you're prepared. Click the gear icon and select Settings > Calendars. click on Reminders and notifications and check the options for email and SMS. The daily agenda is a handy option.

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