How to set a different launcher on your Huawei smartphone

Huawei makes beautiful smartphones, which are often attractively priced. The disadvantage is that the Android skin on Huawei and Honor devices does not really work well. Moreover, Huawei makes it difficult for you to install an alternative skin such as Nova Launcher or Google Now Launcher. But it is possible.

With Emotion UI, Huawei makes the Android operating system very similar to iOS. There is no application overview, but the settings menu is also cluttered. It makes a switch from iOS to Android less difficult, but if you are a bit used to working with Android it is very limiting. In addition, Huawei has been tinkering with Android to the bone, so that alternative launchers such as Nova Launcher and Google Now Launcher, which give your device the appearance of Android again, do not seem to work. After installation, Emotion UI keeps popping up. Also read: Huawei P9 is just not a top device.

To still set up an alternative launcher, proceed as follows: first make sure that you have installed the launcher that you want to use. Normally, when you press the home button, you will now be asked whether you want to use your old launcher by default, or the new one. But nothing happens on your Huawei and Honor smartphone.

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Now dive into the settings. Go to apps and press the gear (Advanced). Choose Launch / Begin and select the launcher you want to use here. You will then be presented with a message that an alternative launcher can be bad for your battery and data consumption and may even be unsafe. Don't let this mislead you and press Modify. Now your alternate launcher is the default launcher. Note, however, that when you install another launcher, your device immediately resets Emotion UI as default.

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