Altap Salamander - Alternative Explorer for Windows 10

Windows 10's File Explorer is a decent file manager, but it has some limitations. For example, many users find it disturbing that there is only one file window. Altap Salamander not only fills this gap nicely; some handy extras make it a more than worthy alternative to the Explorer.

Altap Salamander


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Windows 7 or higher, 32 and 64 bit

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  • Pros
  • Hotkey support
  • Various interface levels
  • Advanced
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  • Takes some getting used to

To be clear: after the installation of Altap Salamander, the built-in Explorer also remains intact. Salamander comes in two versions (32 and 64 bit) and although you can install both on 64-bit Windows, it is best to choose the 64-bit version in that case. Good news is that Salamander has recently become freeware (again).


The duplicate file window is immediately noticeable. Handy, because it makes copying and moving operations a lot easier. The keyboardists among us will also appreciate the context-sensitive toolbar with an overview of keyboard shortcuts and associated functions. And if you ever want to run a command: a command prompt is always available at the bottom of the window. At the top you will find a bar with buttons to all available stations, including network connections. In addition, there are buttons to, for example, your OneDrive, an ftp client and even the Windows Registry.

If you find this menu and button violence a bit overwhelming, know that Salamander offers three interface levels: from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

Additional Features

All your data is therefore easily accessible from Salamander, but that's not all: there are tons of functions and plug-ins with which you can manipulate that data.

For example, there is a powerful 'bulk renamer' that allows you to rename multiple files at once based on various criteria. Salamander can also decrypt and encrypt your files and archive them to various formats, or split large files into smaller pieces and string them back together. You will also find a flexible search and filter function: listing only files with a specific extension, for example, is done in no time. And if you accidentally delete some files, the built-in data recovery function will retrieve them for you. Curious about what the tool has in store: on the site you will find a nice overview.


Altap Salamander is an excellent and versatile file manager that installs neatly next to Windows Explorer. The numerous possibilities and the extensive hotkey support mean that especially the more advanced user, who often runs into the limits of the Explorer, will feel addressed.

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