Deleting cookies on your Android smartphone

If you have an Android smartphone in your pocket, chances are you also use a browser. That browser stores a lot of information about you by means of cookies. These are small files that websites use to track you, but also to keep you logged in somewhere, for example. Think of a profile or social media or an e-mail service. Do you want to delete these cookies? We explain how.

And if you have an Android smartphone, there is a very good chance that you use the Chrome browser. That is therefore the leading browser for this article. Do you use a specific app, such as Firefox, Brave or perhaps Edge? Then the terms below do not appear literally within the settings of your chosen browser. But usually you will find such settings in the same place. When you open Google Chrome, you will see three dots on the right. Press that and then tap Institutions. This is a step that will match for most browsers. Under the settings in Chrome you will find the heading Privacy. In principle, all browsers have the same heading, but probably named slightly differently.

Clear cookies via Chrome

below Privacy do you see the cup Clear browser data to stand. When you tap on that, two tabs will appear: Base and Advanced. In principle, you can delete the cookies via Basic by checking Cookies and site data and clicking in the bottom right corner Delete information to push. But you can also do this by going to Advanced and select the same heading there. You can also delete other data here if you wish. Once you have made your choice, it is the intention that you indicate a period. You can delete everything immediately or, for example, only from the past day. Please note that you are permanently deleting the data.

You may of course be using a different browser. As mentioned, the cookie settings are often in the same place. In general, it is therefore a good idea to look up the settings, bring up the privacy functions and indicate there what you do and do not want to remove. It also differs per browser how many cookies you can delete at once; usually you delete everything at once and then don't see it again - until you recreate the data.

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