Record and mix music on your smartphone

Have you always dreamed of breaking through with your own music? Then this is your moment! All you need to produce your own music is your smartphone. These are the best apps to make music apps for smartphones.

Voice Recorder

As a musician, you never know when inspiration will strike. It could be on the train, at work, or when you suddenly wake up from a nightmare. In such cases it is important to always have a voice recorder on standby. This way you never forget that one melody or profound text.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder does exactly what you can and can expect from a voice recorder. It records the sound and has a simple and clear interface. You can adjust the quality and shooting mode. You have several options for this, from speech to music. The file type can also be changed. Easy Voice Recorder can record in .wav, .m4a and .3gp. So if you want to record your own vocals, you can do that with this app.


music apps

There are countless apps available for both iPhone and Android users that offer a virtual music environment. It contains quite a few instruments that are simply waiting to be played by you.

Garage band

If you own an iPhone or iPad, Garageband is the music app for you. This music app is free for Apple users. You can use all kinds of instruments to create your track. These can be clearly added in their own track, so that you can easily run multiple melodies through and past each other.

You can also load your own audio files if you have one. In the app you can cut, paste and edit in no time. Are you still a bit hesitant at the beginning? There are countless tutorial videos on YouTube to help you on your way.


FL Studio Mobile

A similar app to Garageband but available for Android is FL Studio Mobile. Here too, several instruments are available that you can easily play in a certain rhythm by dragging and tapping. It might take some time to master the intricacies of this app, especially since there are so many options. But fear not! There are also tutorials from FL Studio Mobile on YouTube. However, this app is quite pricey, but you must have something to spare to make your musical dream come true. It costs 18 euros once in the Playstore.


Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM functions on pre-existing beats. Unlike Garageband and FL Studio Mobile, this app is especially suitable if you want to play around with the app a bit. When you start using the app for the first time, you will immediately see a handy tutorial that explains the app step by step. Then you select all kinds of loops of instruments, record your own vocals and paste everything together. Because of the generic beats, your music will immediately sound very pleasant. So you can't go wrong with this!


Remix Live

Remix Live also works with sampled pieces of music. There are a few packages that you get for free, for example dubstep, future beat, bass house and hip hop. You can buy the rest. As you can see, these are mainly genres that are based on a good beat. So if you want to make your own drum and bass, trap or house, then this is the right app for it.

In loop mode, you turn on the loops that form the basis of your track. When you switch to drum mode you can add your own accents.


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