Mario Kart Tour: all about the free racing game on your smartphone

Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android will be released soon. The popular racing game, which we know from different generations of Nintendo consoles, can therefore finally be played on your smartphone and tablet from September.

What is Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour is the trusted racing game that you already know from Nintendo consoles, but as an app for your Android or iPhone and iPad. While racing you make life miserable for your opponents by throwing them off their carts with shields or filling the circuit with banana peels.

Mario Kart Tour is a free app. Nintendo has built in a revenue model of so-called loot boxes, with which you can bet against payment on a box that may contain digital attributes that help you while racing. There are also microtransactions available, for example to buy off waiting times.


Nintendo had planned the release of Mario Kart Tour for the first quarter of 2019. As the game maker decided to bring more content into the game, the racing game was initially delayed until the summer. Now the racing app should finally be released on September 25.

Register for Mario Kart Tour

Although the game won't be released until September 25, you can pre-register with a Nintendo Account. There is also a beta program for a select number of Android users to test the game.

Mario Kart Tour in Belgium

It is unlikely that the game can be played in Belgium. Local gambling laws make the loot box system illegal. If you still want to be able to play from Belgium, you will have to have a Nintendo Account from another country and sideload the Android app via, for example, APKmirror. Due to iOS limitations, you will not be able to install Mario Kart Tour in Belgium on your iPhone or iPad in any other way.

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