Windows 10 as alarm clock, timer and stopwatch

With Windows 10 you not only get an operating system, but also an alarm clock. And a timer. And a stop watch. At least those are the parts found in the default Alarms & Clock app. Always useful!

The Alarms & Clock app comes standard with Windows 10. It is a simple but effective app. Let's first look at the main function: the alarm clock. Start the app (found somewhere in the Start menu, of course) and click the + bottom right of the window.

You can now define an alarm. First, enter a name for the alarm, useful if you are going to add several. For example, let's say you want to be reminded at five o'clock every day that your workday is over. Then click under the heading repeating on One-off.

You can then select the desired days on which that alarm should go off at 5 p.m. You can see that if you select Monday through Friday and then click anywhere outside the selection field, your schedule will automatically rename Business days regarding the selection. It is also possible to choose an alarm sound. Click on the below Sound listed default sound (carillon) and pick something you find more interesting.

To activate the alarm, click on the small diskette icon at the bottom right of the window. Check if the switch behind the now added alarm is on (you could turn it off temporarily during the holidays) and wait until it's time. The alarm will then go off. However – and that is something to keep in mind – only if the PC or laptop is switched on! Somehow that also sounds logical, but don't have the idea that your PC wakes you up in the morning when it is turned off.

From Alarm via world clock and timer to stopwatch

To remove an added alarm from the list, click it. You will then return to the panel in which the alarm can be configured. Click on the trash can at the bottom right of the window and your alarm will be deleted after confirming. As promised, the Alarms & Clock app includes more fun. below Clock (button bar at the top of the window) you will find a graphical world clock. below timer you can set a countdown timer, for example to achieve that perfectly cooked egg every time. And if you want to know how long it takes before the battery of your electric sharpener is empty with continuous use, the Stopwatch fit perfectly.

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