Google tip: This is how you search based on images

It's no secret that you can search for images on Google. But did you also know that Google recently added a feature that allows you to search by images (instead of for)? The difference? Instead of entering text, you upload an image so Google can search for similar images online.


You may be wondering what such a function is good for, but there are countless examples you can think of where you can use a reverse Image Search for.

Just think of that one picture you once took off the internet and resized, of which you actually want the large version. Upload the image to the site, and you will immediately find all the images with the same content, probably also the larger ones.

In addition, this function can help you with fraud detection. Imagine you chat with someone and you wonder if that person is who he/she says he/she is. Then you simply upload the profile photo to Google, and you will see where the image is shown even more. Then you'll see soon enough whether it's legit or not.

You can easily search for images to see if someone is who they say they are.

Search for images

Searching for images is very simple, but Google still has it hidden a bit. To use the feature, surf to the page you've always used to search for images, which is //

Instead of typing some text now, click the camera icon next to the search button. A pop-up will appear in which you can paste the URL of an image. However, you can also click on Upload an image, after which you can upload an image from the hard drive by browsing or dragging it to this window.

Now when you click on the search button (magnifying glass) all similar results will be displayed. Incidentally, that works astonishingly accurately, you will see few results that do not match the image you have uploaded. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to assign special parameters to the search so that you can search more specifically, but you can of course filter the search in the usual way.

Searching is a matter of uploading a picture and clicking the search button.

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