Get the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The latest update of Windows 10 is ready. Microsoft has released the Spring Creators Update. Windows 10 users who have set up the PC for the Insider Previews can already download the update.


Users will especially notice that some minor parts of the Windows 10 interface have been modified. For example, the contrast has been improved and new transparencies in the so-called Fluent Design have been added and expanded. Furthermore, the Action Center is now also provided with a new layout and the background is in line with the chosen theme.


The most notable new Timeline feature was already announced in the development of the Fall Creators Update, but it never made it to the final version. In this Spring Creators Update, the Timeline feature is finally finished. The feature has been greatly improved over the test versions of the Windows 10 builds. For example, you can now search more easily and you can get a more complete overview of the entire timeline by clicking the link Show all x activities, where the number at x indicates how many other activities there are.

New way of displaying notifications

In the notifications screen, you can now click the Clear all notifications clear the row of notifications at once. In addition, you can now share content directly from the Action Center with other devices nearby. This is done via the Share in immediate vicinity option. That way you can easily share files with, for example, a smartphone, smart TV or other device that is on the same network.

In the previous version of Windows 10, this feature was called Quiet Time, but has now been renamed Concentration aid. In this section you can now indicate between which times you do not want to receive messages or do not want to be disturbed by other notifications. You can set a complete schedule and indicate during which other activity on your computer you do not want to be disturbed, for example while playing games.

The Spring Creators Update innovations at a glance

- Updated Story Remix in Photos app: Instantly upload and download clips in the cloud

- Add more contacts to the People app in the taskbar

- Easily share files with nearby devices via Bluetooth and Wifi

- Support HDR display in video

- Improved Timeline function with search functionality

- More control over how notifications are displayed, including creating schedules

Get Spring Creators Update

The update will be officially released from April 18, Windows 10 Insiders will receive the update automatically one of these days. From April 18 you can update your computer in two ways: via Windows Update or by downloading a separate installation file. The latter option is interesting if you want to reinstall your computer and get the Spring Creators Update right away. Via the Media Creation Tool you can then create an ISO file or USB stick, with which you can boot the computer and cleanly install Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

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