Set ClearType for clearer texts

Do you have the impression that the font that Windows uses is not legible? Then check whether the ClearType technology present is set up. If so, you can also adjust ClearType to your own eyes.

Activate ClearType

ClearType is a font technology that makes text on the computer screen look almost as sharp as text on paper. Normally ClearType is enabled by default, but if you feel like the text looks a bit spongy, you better check that anyway. The fastest way to get to the correct settings window is through the search box in the launch bar. Type there clear type and you get the option Customize ClearType text to see. Press Enter so that the ClearType Text Tuner opens. If you want to see how ClearType improves readability, check the option Enable ClearType on and off several times. That way you can see exactly what it does.


Make sure ClearType is on and press Next one. If more than one display is connected, you will be asked whether you want to configure them all or just one specific display. choose you No, only configure the display of the selected screen, then you have to click on the intended screen.

Press . again Next one. In this step, Windows checks whether the resolution of your screen is set to the correct values. If not, you will have to adjust this yourself before continuing. Through Institutions are you going to Displays where you can find the recommended resolution. Once that's done, move on to the ClearType Text Tuner.


In the next window there are two text blocks ready, of which you must indicate which of the two is most clearly legible for you. In the same way, you go through the wizard with a total of five screens of proof texts. So always choose the most readable text. After this wizard, the setup is ready to save the changes. Strangely enough, you have to go through the same wizard if you want to disable ClearType, although the choices you make will have no influence on the result.

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