Eufy eufyCam 2 - Intelligent batterycam with a long battery life

Barely a year after the introduction of the Eufy eufyCam, parent company Anker thinks it's time for a successor. The most important spearheads of the brand new eufyCam 2 are still a long battery life, easy installation and free storage of video images. The updated version, on the other hand, is slightly smarter, so you have less chance of false alarms.

Eufy eufyCam 2

Price € 349 (duo pack)

Resolution 1920 × 1080

Internal storage capacity 16GB

IP certificate IP67

Supported platforms Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa

Website 7 Score 70

  • Pros
  • Long battery life
  • Good image quality
  • User-friendly camera system
  • Negatives
  • Theft-sensitive mounting
  • Pricey
  • Faded colors at twilight

Did you already purchase the first eufyCam last year and do you want to expand the camera system? No problem, because the new version eufyCam 2 works seamlessly with the previously released model. Although the weatherproof housing consists of plastic, this IP camera is quite robust. For mounting you can choose between a magnetic ball construction (inside) and mounting bracket with screws (outside). The nice thing is that you can rotate the surveillance cameras in all directions. To charge the battery, you simply remove the camera. Select a high mounting location for outdoor use, because the eufyCam 2 is unfortunately prone to theft.

Configure camera system

The eufyCams communicate wirelessly with the included base station. For network access, connect this base station to a router or switch with an Ethernet cable. After switching on, a loud female voice tells you that you need to install the Dutch-language Eufy Security app on a smartphone. Once you have created an account in this, register the eufyCams on the base station. This all works very smoothly. Advantageously, this Anker product has a large wireless range. As a result, in an average home it is no effort to mount the IP cameras in and around the house.

Image quality

The eufyCam 2 supports 1080p resolution and records sharp video with bright colors. The camera sensor does need sufficient light, because at a little bit of twilight the images look somewhat faded. Because of the wide-angle lens, you can film a decent area. With the first eufyCam, the base station had a micro-SD card slot for local storage of video images, but this part has been removed from the second version. There is already 16 GB of storage capacity on board as standard. After motion detection, the camera system saves a twenty-second video clip by default. The eufyCam 2 detects people, so that you do not receive false notifications about pets, falling leaves or passing cars, for example. According to the manufacturer, the eufyCam 2 increases the image quality around people, but during our test we saw no difference in sharpness between people and other objects.


Like its predecessor, the eufyCam 2 is extremely user-friendly, as both mounting and configuration are not expected to cause any problems for anyone. Furthermore, the video quality and available functions are okay. Unfortunately, you pay a lot of money for that. In addition to the high purchase price, the theft-sensitive mounting is a drawback.

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