Get all your Google data with Takeout

Sporty of Google that they have a service for members who are leaving. This way you won't lose data from Gmail, Google Photos, My Maps, Google Play Books, Contacts and much more. With Google Takeout you can archive all that data for later import into another service, or just keep it as your own backup.

Step 1: Switches

Google has a lot of services, of which you may use several. They communicate well with each other. Google Takeout makes it possible to archive a lot of data stored in your Google account. For example, you can download the bookmarks from Google Chrome, the videos you have placed in YouTube and your emails from Gmail. And if you want to switch to another calendar later, you can also save the calendars from Google Calendar in the iCalendar format with Google Takeout. Go to the Google Takeout webpage and sign in. Here you can indicate per part with a switch whether or not you want to include that service in the export.

Step 2: Sub-selections

In some parts where sub-selections are possible, you will find the option under the Details column to indicate which parts you want to download exactly. For example, with Calendar you can indicate whether you want to download all or only certain calendars. With Google Photos you have the option to select certain albums. And if you choose Chrome, you can download all the personal data or just the bookmarks, the extensions, the auto-fill data and so on.

Step 3: Archive

When you have set all download options correctly, click Next one. Google TakeOut will compile an archive, where you indicate in the settings whether you want a .zip file or a .tgz file. We choose the zip format. You also indicate the maximum size of such a zip file. By default, this is 2 GB. For example, if you have an archive of 3 GB, TakeOut will divide it into two zip files. You also have influence over the delivery method: do you want to receive a download link via email or do you want to receive the archive in Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive? Then close TakeOut and a little later you will receive a message in your email informing you that the data archive is ready and until when you can download this archive.

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