This is how you get a different background in Skype

With the popularity of video calling apps on the rise, Microsoft has added some new features to the Skype desktop client. For example, in the latest update of the classic Skype for Windows and macOS, there is a webcam effect to blur the background and to fake a different background environment.

Step 1: Settings

Software producers of video calling apps are trying to convince en masse with all kinds of new features. For example, in the latest version Skype for Windows, macOS and Linux it is possible to personalize the background. You can download or update that version here. If you have previously downloaded Skype from the Microsoft Store, the background function is not available. So pay attention to which version of Skype you are using. The blurring of the background resembles the bokeh effect. The entire background becomes blurred, so that the others do not get a clear picture of your interior. Everything gets blurry except the one in front of the camera. Start Skype for Windows or Skype for macOS and click the menu icon, which is the three small dots, to go to the Institutions to go.

Step 2: Blur Background

In these settings you select the component Audio and video. Here you can choose the option Blur my background for all calls switch. In some versions you need to change the background effect blur Selecting. If you are already in a video call, you can also activate this option without going to the settings. Right click on the video icon to open a preview of the webcam. Below this small preview window you can activate the blur.

Step 3: Fake Background

Instead of blurring the background, you can also customize the environment. For example, on Shutterstock you can download a free pack of fifty virtual wallpapers. And those who love to travel can find free wallpapers of lounges, airports or popular destinations at The Points Guy. Back in Skype, go to the Institutions Bee Audio and video and use the plus button at Choose background effect. In the window Add image navigate to the desired image file. The background is automatically updated for the conversation you're having. That way you can prepare different backgrounds. If you want to remove the background you uploaded, click on the white cross in the top right corner of the images.

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