This is how you can cast your music for free via YouTube Music

Within YouTube Music it is possible to add your personal music collection to your library by uploading songs and albums. After your music is uploaded, you can use YouTube Music to play your uploaded music and other music. Until recently, it was not possible for free users to cast their own music, for example to your smart speakers or your TV, but that has now changed.

Initially, it was only possible for subscription users to cast music, which was not appreciated by everyone who recently made the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. That's why Google has decided to make the feature available to everyone.

That is how it works

In principle, you can now stream all music within YouTube Music. For existing songs, click on the song you want to hear and then on the familiar cast icon at the top right of the screen. If you are doing this for the first time, you will first have to give the app access to your local network. click on Next one and confirm your choice to allow YouTube Music to search for and connect to devices on your local network. Then you will see your smart device and you can start casting.

It has recently become possible for free users to cast songs that they have uploaded. You cannot upload music via the YouTube Music app, but you can upload it via by dragging and dropping files anywhere on this website. You can upload up to 100,000 songs. You can then cast uploaded songs to your smart speakers. This works in the same way as described earlier.

Other changes

Tech website Android Police noted that YouTube Music now also works better with Google Assistant when it comes to your personal playlists. In theory, it should now be possible to say the name of your list when speaking to the Assistant and then music from this list will be played. Apparently this did not work (well) before, despite the fact that both services are from Google itself.

The YouTube Music app has also been improved in another area. Under the tab To discover find you now Charts. At a glance you get to see the most popular music videos and artists in the Netherlands or in one of the other 57 countries.

Google seems to be fully committed to the further development of YouTube Music after it pulled the plug on Play Music. As of this month, you can no longer stream music via the streaming service and Google hopes you switch to YouTube Music. In this article we explain how you can switch.

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