Safely hidden browsing with TOR in iOS

Not always everyone needs to know where you come from while browsing, or which sites you have visited. In addition, there is also something called the 'dark web', which can only be accessed via a special TOR browser. The iOS app Onion Browser takes care of everything for you when it comes to privacy and the dark web.

Onion Browser for iOS is a browser intended for anyone who is concerned with his or her privacy. And safety. The free app uses the TOR network, which makes it almost impossible to track surfing users. In addition, it is set up in such a way that all kinds of risky extras from the web do not work. So you will see that quite a few sites look somewhat stripped down. That's the price you pay for privacy. Javascripts and the like create risks in that area and therefore do not work or do not work properly. In addition, browsing through this browser is clearly slower than usual. That is not due to the app itself, but to the underlying network. This makes it not a browser for the average person that you use every day for all your adventures on the web. But one that can also come in handy on vacation, for example. For example, if - against all advice - you still hook up somewhere at a public hotspot and you want to prevent a malicious person from reading along.

Using Onion Browser is a breeze; it works just like any other browser. Type the address in the address bar and go. You can also enter a search term here. DuckDuckGo is used, a search engine that makes extensive use of other search engines and bundles their results. It also has its own search bot, which together results in a perfectly usable whole. The most important feature, however, is that searching here is completely anonymous. Google & co cannot therefore track your search behavior and link it to, for example, your IP address. Always a pleasant thought.

dark web

Then there's that mysterious dark web. This is not accessible via a normal browser, but is accessible via the TOR network. Some of the sites on the dark web are just for anyone who cares a little more about privacy than the rest. Unfortunately, you also encounter a lot of 'misery'. This way you can effortlessly order hard drugs, a new Kalashnikov or a donor organ. We advise you not to work with such criminal websites and also to stay away from forums with more obscure topics. If only because the police and the like have also infiltrated the network. Ordering a pill just for fun can have unpleasant consequences. Anyway, to enter the dark web it is best to use one of the standard bookmarks in Onion Browser. Just a matter of clicking on the address bar and using one of the bookmarks there. You can also search for dark web sites via DuckDuckGo. We are obviously not going to provide a complete guide to such more illegal activities here. As far as we're concerned, Onion Browser is especially interesting because of the extra privacy it offers. That comes in handy on vacation, but also at home or at work if you visit sites that you do not fully trust, for example. If you want to be extremely careful, use a VPN server in addition to this browser.

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