Manage your address book in Gmail

As a Gmail user, your address book is overflowing with people you haven't spoken to for a long time. Google automatically creates a new contact for every email. That quickly becomes obscure. This is how you get your Gmail address book back under control.

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Find the address book

Gmail's address book is actually pretty well hidden. Log in to and click the downward-pointing triangle in the top left, next to the Gmail logo. A menu will appear where you can click Contacts clicks. If you are already (or automatically) logged in, you can also get there by surfing directly to // When you come here for the first time, Google will show you in a series of instruction screens which options are available. You can also import or export contacts on this page when you switch from (or to) another mail service. Creating mail groups is also an option.

Delete contacts

Once you've clicked away the screens, you can get started. Initially, you will see contacts with whom you regularly email. You probably want to save it correctly, so first click on Display all to show all your contacts. If you want to find a specific person, use the search bar at the top. Then right click on the three vertical dots (More actions) and click remove. You can also remove several people at once by checking them. In that case, a new bar with a trash can icon will open at the top. This will delete all checked contacts.

Fill in more

If you change your mind later, you have the option to undo your actions. Click in the left column on More and choose here Restore contacts. Google will save your changes for a maximum of 30 days, after that you are too late. By the way, while you're here, you can also edit your contacts. You do this by moving the mouse over it and pressing the pen icon. You can add a photo, phone number, address and even birthday. Thus, the list of remaining contacts is more complete than ever. To keep things in order manually from now on, go to the general settings of Gmail. Choose under create contacts for autocomplete for the option to do it yourself. Don't forget to save the changes.

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