This is how you record your computer screen

Anything and everything happens on your computer screen. Whether you're playing a game or creating an instructional video of a software program, recording what happens on your computer screen is a useful way to share all kinds of information. Recording your computer screen can be done in several ways. There are various software programs available for making a recording of your computer screen. You can record your computer screen in these ways.


Zoom makes it easy and free to share your screen. Zoom is a free program in which you can hold video conferences, but it is also perfect for making recordings of your computer screen. In our article you can read how to use Zoom and how to sign up for it. To record your screen, first host a conference for yourself. Start a meeting and choose 'host a meeting'. Then you can share your computer screen. You can do this by clicking 'share' when hosting a video meeting. So if you host this meeting on your own, you can choose to share one specific screen that is open on your computer with Zoom. Turn off the video images from your webcam, so that your face cannot be seen and the only thing that is recorded is the image you share. You can also just talk while recording, if you want to explain a certain program and give instructions. After you close the meeting, Zoom will automatically convert your recording into an mp4 file and save it on your computer.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free software and a bit more complicated than recording your screen with Zoom. After downloading and installing the software, you can choose automatic settings for a quick setup. Next, you need to select the screen you want to record. You do this by clicking the plus sign in the box sources. Now you will be presented with a number of goals that you can perform with OBS Studio. This program is also suitable for streaming game sessions, for example. In this case, choose window recording. Now a screen opens in which all screens are listed that you have open at that moment. Select the screen you want to record and choose on the right start recording.

Flashback Express

This software is a lot clearer than that of the OBS Studio, but in contrast to the above software, it has slightly fewer options. However, the interface is extremely user-friendly and recording your computer screen is arranged within three clicks. You just have to press 'record' and the recording will start automatically. You can stop the recording after which you can easily save your video to a desired location. This file is initially a fbr. File. However, you can play this in FlashBack Express itself and export it as an .mp4 file in the top left corner under 'file'.

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