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Sometimes it is useful to store videos from websites locally. For example, if you want to save a video, so that you can always see it again. Or if you want to enjoy fun TV broadcasts on your tablet, mobile phone or MP4 player on the go. Unfortunately, video websites do not have a download button, but luckily you can still save online videos with the right tools.

Is it legal?

You may be wondering whether downloading videos from, for example, Broadcast Missed is allowed. Yes, this is allowed, provided you only use it for private purposes.

There are plenty of programs and websites that let you download streaming video. They all work on the same principle. Every video on the internet has a unique URL. Based on this, it is possible to pick the video from the web server and then save it locally. In favorable cases, you choose the video quality and file format yourself. You are then no longer dependent on an internet connection, because you can watch the videos anytime and anywhere. This is ideal during holidays, you can put nice TV broadcasts on a notebook or external hard drive and then be sure that you will not be bored. But a download function also offers advantages at home: you burn the online films on a DVD, for example, after which you watch the disc on your TV.

1. MissedDownloader

GemistDownloader is a nice tool to download TV broadcasts from Uitzend Gemist and RTL Gemist. This freeware only works with the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher utility. If necessary, download this utility from Windows Vista and 7 users do not need to do anything, as these operating systems already have a suitable version of Microsoft .NET Framework built into them. Visit the website and click on the orange button Download installation file. Double click on the exe file and follow the steps in the installation wizard. Then launch the MissedDownloader.

2. Missed broadcast

Search on Broadcast Missed for a nice TV show that you want to keep and copy the url that is in the address bar of your browser. Incidentally, it does not matter whether you use the new or old version of Missed Broadcast. In MissedDownloader, click Download a broadcast of Broadcast Missed. Paste the url in the empty field and confirm with Further. If the web address is correct, a brief description of the broadcast will appear. Specify the format in which you want to save the file. You can choose from different extensions, such as wmv, avi, flv and mp4. Do you want to transfer the material to an MP4 player or telephone? First check which file format the device supports. You can also download only the audio of the movie as an MP3 file. Handy when you plan to listen to a music program or talk show on an MP3 player, for example. Via the button Options if desired, go through the advanced settings. This menu is especially interesting if you have special requirements. For example, you change the dimensions of the image or you specify the start and end times. The latter is only useful if you only want to download a specific fragment of a broadcast. Select via Save as save location and change the file name if necessary. Usage Add to queue to add more broadcasts or choose immediately Start downloading.

In the main menu, choose which website you want to download TV broadcasts from.

Decide which file format to convert the broadcast to.

3. RTL and SBS

It is very difficult to store TV programs from RTL locally. A lot of material is protected with DRM. For that reason, unfortunately, MissedDownloader cannot save these Silverlight videos locally. Almost all episodes on are provided with DRM, so there is little point in searching for interesting TV programs on this website. Broadcasts for the iPad have no protection for the time being. Surf to The range for the iPad is surprisingly large! Once you've found something, choose Click here for the broadcast. You immediately save the TV program as an MP4 file. If you want a different format, right click on the web link. Then click in Internet Explorer on Copy Shortcut (in Firefox, click Copy Link Location). In the main menu of MissedDownloader, choose Download a broadcast of RTL and paste the web link in the empty field. Then click Further. Go through the other settings and download the broadcast. Make sure you have selected the correct file format. After a demand from media company SBS Broadcasting, it is unfortunately no longer possible to download programs from with GemistDownloader.

4. YouTube

MissedDownloader is also used to download videos from YouTube. Go to YouTube and copy the url of a nice movie in the address bar. In the main menu of MissedDownloader, choose Download a video from YouTube. Add Autoselect quality the desired resolution. Of course, it is a condition that the video is available on YouTube in this resolution. If not, you will see a warning. click on Further. Choose the desired file format and select a save location. Finally click Start Download.

If you want to download streaming video, you always need the right url.

change youtube link

You can also download videos from YouTube by changing the url. Go to a YouTube page with a video and type 'kick' or 'save' at the beginning of the web link, for example You will now be taken to another website, where you can choose the file format and resolution. Then save the video somewhere on your PC.

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