The best news apps: more important than ever

News apps are more important than ever in times of crisis. We list the most reliable and best news apps for you. Always handy to have a few of them ready on your smartphone or tablet.

It is striking to see that many Dutch newspapers have been hiding their news behind a paywall since the start of the corona crisis. This is often a harder paywall than before, which you can no longer circumvent. Only by actually logging in and paying. A somewhat dubious practice, but also a difficult case. On the one hand, everyone should have access to the most recent developments right now. On the other hand, journalists also have to be paid. Fortunately, there are more and more news organizations that can offer free news and pay their journalists decently. is an example of this. And with that, we immediately have our first news app.

You will not only find the latest news in the app, but also more in-depth articles recently. This makes an increasingly formidable competitor to newspapers, while at the same time putting an end to the old pillarization of those media. is neutral, provides the latest news quickly and - most importantly - reliable. For Dutch-language news that is simply freely accessible, you can hardly escape it. Below are some news apps that we think are worth checking out!


A rather special app: NOS Teletext (Android version, iOS version). Teletext is of course an ancient digital medium, but still popular. Don't expect in-depth background information here, just the latest news 'as it happens'. Not only available on your TV, but also in app form. And while teletext abroad is often nominated to be switched off (or already is), it is still popular in the Netherlands. And why not? Because: to the point and reliable.


If you're looking for more internationally oriented news, CNN is obviously a big name. And where many other American news channels are often quite colored by political movements, CNN is not that bad. They are still on top of the news, and much of the activity has moved to online sports. This also includes the CNN app of the same name. You will find world news in it, thanks to CNN International you will certainly not only see American news.

flip board

Flipboard is a news collector. You configure the app (iOS version, Android version) to your interests and then you see the news pouring in in those areas. And both national and international media are involved. All this packaged in an attractive user interface that lets you browse through pages of collected messages, as it were.


All of the above news apps are free, as is the content contained in them. Blendle(iOS app, Android app) takes a different approach; for a monthly subscription you get access to an extensive selection of articles from newspapers and magazines. A lot of Dutch, but certainly also an English part. The disadvantage is that many Dutch newspapers have withdrawn from the Blendle project because they mainly see the app as competition. No problem in itself, there is certainly more than enough to find! A must-have for real news junkies who also want to know the background of the news. The app is less suitable for the hard news; you can use one of the aforementioned apps for this. An extra advantage of all the news apps mentioned: with fresh news you immediately receive a signal, no paper newspaper that can compete with that!

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