The 10 Best iPad Pro Games

No matter how strong game consoles are, if you want to game on the go, it is often easiest to use your tablet. After all, you already have that with you. iPad Pro can be such a tablet. And if you like gaming, you're in luck with a tablet like that. These are the 10 best iPad Pro games.

Star Traders: Frontiers

One of the things that makes games so much fun is that in games you can travel to completely different worlds. That is literally what you do in Star Traders, because in this you are the captain of a spaceship and you have to make your way with your crew. Initially you decide what your vessel will look like, but eventually the appearance changes based on the choices you make during this role playing game. After all, your craft has to be made better and better in order to face the opponents.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If there's one racing game that's celebrated on mobile devices, it's Asphalt. It looks visually appealing and is easy to pick up, although you will notice that there are also races where you have to give your best to cross that finish line as quickly as possible. In Asphalt 9: Legends there are more than 70 tracks, combined with a large arsenal of sports cars. The cool thing is that it's real-world locations and comes with a career mode, giving you even more reason to keep playing.


It is not for nothing that many young people spend a lot of time in Fortnite. The game is a so-called battle royale game, which means that everyone online is thrown into the same environment and eventually everyone has to kill each other, until one remains. This cheerful game looks even more alive on the beautiful iPad screen. And: you can count on exactly the same updates as on the console.

Last week, Apple announced a new version of the iPad Pro.

Civilization VI

Where you can often play short games in Fortnite, you really have to make time for this game. In Civilization VI you play "god" over your own civilization. It starts with a small village and under your care it should grow into a complete empire. The Civ franchise is a household name among PC gamers because of its deep strategy and something for everyone. Whether you want to focus on innovation, building cities, war or religion. You can lose your hours in this game that grabs you right away and doesn't let go for a while.

Monument Valley

It is not for nothing that Netflix made the House of Cards character Frank Underwood a gamer: among other things, they were able to show how fantastic the MC Escher-esque Monument Valley looks. The geometric puzzles combined with a soothing soundtrack make Monument Valley the game equivalent of the meditation app Headspace. Leave all the worries of the day behind you and concentrate on the beautifully designed puzzles. Wonderful to do before going to sleep.


Oceanhorn is like Zelda, but completely adapted for your iPad. In this game you play a young guy who has to search for his father. To find it, you'll have to defeat enemies big and small, throw bombs to clear hidden paths, and pick up hearts to stay alive after being attacked. As the name suggests, you're not alone on land: you sometimes have to sail from place to place, something that's very easy to do with iPad controls.

Hitman Go

Agent 47, better known as Hitman, has already earned his stripes on the console. On mobile devices, it has therefore been decided not to go for the action genre, but to let Hitman be more strategic. Not a complicated story, but a kind of board game with Agent 47 in the lead role. He only has so many steps to make and in them he has to pick up certain items and dodge enemies. It's a game where you just have to start and learn from your mistakes along the way. Or not, and then you just try again.


Where many games have lighter, more cheerful themes, Inside has a very black-and-white theme. The game puts your brain to work, without explaining too much. The game has a very unique animation style that seems to be mainly made to make you feel uncomfortable. This 2D puzzler does not sound immediately appealing to everyone, but the fact that it has already received many awards shows that Inside is universally regarded as good. The soundtrack alone deserves to be heard.

Temple Run

If you've got the hang of it and want a little more action on your iPad Pro, give Temple Run a try. The game really breathes that Indiana Jones-esque atmosphere and is really fun to watch. But looking is not enough, you have to work. In this so-called endless runner, the main character is running straight on indefinitely, while you have to swipe to make sure he doesn't bump into anything. The further you get, the more obstacles are thrown in front of you. Do you like it? You can also play the second part, which does little else to the fine, addictive gameplay.

Bit.Trip Beat HD

It may be called an ode to the first game: Bit.Trip Beat HD is similar to Pong, but with a better visual style, a cool retro soundtrack and action-packed gameplay that leaves you with no time to think. The touch screen of iPad gives you good control of the 'tennis bar' and because you get more points when you make chains, Bit.Trip Beat HD attracts attention. Your full attention is needed to keep up with this fast-paced game.

Have fun!

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