In 3 steps: This is how you protect a USB stick

USB sticks with extra security are more expensive than standard USB sticks. With Granite Portable you can turn any stick into a safe stick. The program creates a protected folder so that the data cannot be read by curious Aagjes: no password? No access!

Step 1: Granite Portable

When a USB stick is lost, the sweat of fear sometimes drips over the forehead. We are not worried about the purchase price of a few euros, but another thought haunts our mind: "What was it again?". Thanks to Granite Portable, you don't have to worry about documents, photos or other files falling into the wrong hands.

Granite Portable turns any USB stick into a secure stick. Without a password, the data is unreadable to third parties. Before you get started, it is good to know that the USB stick will be emptied. If you have important files on the stick, you must first secure them yourself, for example via a copy to your hard drive.

Step 2: Format

Place your empty USB stick that you are going to protect with Granite Portable in the PC. Open Computer and view your drive letters in Windows Explorer. Right click on the drive letter of the USB stick and click Format. Choose at File system in front of NTFS. Give the stick a name that you recognize easily, for example safe stick.

if you're on now OK click, the stick is emptied and formatted with NTFS format. Download Granite Portable. The program is packaged in a zip file. Open it and extract the contents to the USB stick: not to a subfolder, but to the 'start folder' (also called root).

Step 3: Password

On the USB stick you will find a folder called vault. Everything you store here is protected by Granite Portable. Open the USB stick in Windows Explorer and start Granite Portable via the file Granite Portable Launcher.exe. Windows 8 users may receive a security warning. The first time you start Granite Portable you will need to enter a username and password.

Granite Portable protects your USB stick and only opens the virtual safe with the correct password.

This protects your USB stick. Once Granite Portable is active, you will see a black icon with a big G. This means that your safe on the USB stick is open and you can access the folder vault. You can add, open or delete new files and folders.

Before removing the stick, please close Granite Portable properly. Click on the black icon and close the program with the red cross.

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