What are thumbs.db files and what do I do with them?

You will probably have quite a few thumbs.db files on your Windows PC. Here we discuss what these are and what you can do with them.

Windows regularly creates a thumbs.db file for a folder to make it faster to display the thumbnail images of the files in this folder when you reopen the folder. A thumbs.db file is normally invisible, but if you have set the Explorer to show hidden files you will be able to see it. Also read: How to Disable Recent Documents and Locations in Windows 10.

What are thumbs.db files?

They are small files that hardly take up any space, so there is usually no need to delete them. Furthermore, it is of little use to you, except that your thumbnails are loaded faster.

However, thumbs.db files can cause problems in some cases. Sometimes a folder's thumbs.db file is still in use by Windows when you're trying to delete that folder, and it doesn't work.

Show icons

If you're having a problem with a thumbs.db file, it's a good idea to open the folder and check the Detailsview. Doing so will close the thumbs.db file, which will fix the problem. However, this is a temporary solution.

There is also a permanent solution. Go to the Explorer on the tab Image and click in the ribbon on Options. In the window that appears, click on the tab Display and tick the box Always show icons, never thumbnails.

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