5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is no more. The popcorntime.io website has been down for a few days, so you can no longer stream movies and series for free. Or is it? We have listed five free alternatives for you.

1. Kodi

One of the alternatives to Popcorn Time is Kodi. If you go to the site you can download the Kodi media center (formerly XMBC) for Windows, Android and iOS among others. After a short download and installation, the program will start and you can add video channels. These can be found under add-ons and provide a database of movies that you can stream.

Kodi offers several databases that you can draw from if you've added them to your media center. The same applies to the subtitles, for which a separate add-on has been made. The biggest advantage is that Kodi can also be viewed via smartphones and tablets.

2. Youtube

YouTube is an inexhaustible source of videos, series and films. The search bar at the top makes it easy and quick to access the videos you're looking for. At least that is if that movie or series is offered. Due to existing copyrights, it happens with some regularity that products are removed from the database.

You also have to search carefully for the right version you want to see; not every video is offered with Dutch subtitles or in the original spoken language. If that is important to you, you should search with clear terms within YouTube.

3. MoviesHD.eu

Unlike Popcorn Time, you don't have to download anything at MoviesHD.eu before you can watch a movie. You just type in the name of the site to go to the movie database. The movie categories are listed at the top of the screen from left to right and if you tap on a genre you can see how many pages are filled with movies at the bottom of the page.

The search engine is the video-on-demand service's most important feature, as MoviesHD's offerings are a lot smaller than Popcorn Time. Another limitation is that there are no subtitles with the films and that the latest films are often missing.

The best alternative to Popcorn Time for now is Kodi.

4. Uitzendgemist.net

NPO and RTL have their own service separately where previously broadcast programs can be viewed. The offer of both is combined at Uitzendgemist.net. You can search for channels, the most popular programs or by the name of your favorite series. Everything that has been broadcasted has been bundled on one page and can be viewed back. You will then be guided to the NPO or RTL page where the content can be found. Uitzendgemist.net is therefore more of a supplement than an alternative to Popcorn Time, but that does not make it less interesting.

5. hello

Hola itself is not a streaming service, but it is a handy tool if you want to look beyond your nose. With Hola you can bypass regional blockades, so that you can visit foreign versions of Uitzendgemist, for example.

Fortunately, thanks to the Hola tool, it is quite easy to bypass region filters. Surf to www.hola.org and click Start using Hola, it's free. Then add the suggested plugin to your browser. Hola is suitable for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. For Internet Explorer it is necessary that you install an extra program. In Firefox and Chrome, click on the flame at the top right. Then choose More to open an overview of foreign streaming services.

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