CES 2020: Tuesday's best news and announcements

The Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swing in Las Vegas. The largest technology fair in the world this year again guarantees a glimpse into the future and news about the latest gadgets, televisions, smartphones and other technological gadgets. We have listed the most interesting news for you in this CES 2020 roundup. Starting with Tuesday.

Hyundai flying car

A product that certainly stands out is the flying car from Hyundai. The Personal Air Vehicle called S-A1 is a hybrid between a helicopter and a car. This fully electric vehicle should provide a solution for traffic jams and other delays. You can simply get around these problems by taking off and flying away at 290 km/h. This is not so much a product that is now interesting and can be purchased by everyone, but it is a nice glimpse into the future. The PAV has room for four passengers and a pilot, or should it actually be a driver?

Hyundai is trying to make passenger transport more pleasant, easier and traffic-free in the future by collaborating with major transport parties such as Uber.

Finally a smaller-sized OLED television from Sony and LG

Fortunately, these pieces of technology are more accessible to the consumer. There has been a demand from consumers for small OLED televisions for some time now. 55-inch used to be the smallest size OLED screens on the market, but that's about to change. Both Sony and LG presented their plans for 2020. To the delight of many people, they have also included a smaller-sized OLED television in their plans. LG is coming with a 4K 48-inch OLED TV with support for Nvidia G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync. This will make a lot of gamers happy. Sony comes in the form of the A9 with a 49-inch OLED television. This is an OLED screen with 4k resolution and support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Now you can actually enjoy high-quality image quality and black values ​​in a smaller format in the future. Well for the bedroom of course, because the living room already has at least a 55-inch screen.

VISION-S: Sony's electric car

Sony also took a moment to show a prototype of their electric car. As we could have expected from a company like Sony, the car is full of screens and has a nice extensive dashboard. Security and smartphone integration are very important with this prototype. Take a look at the appearance below.

ASUS ROG comes with a 360Hz monitor

In game landscape, it can't be crazy enough in terms of refresh rate. Where most fanatic gamers now swear by a 144- or 165Hz display, ASUS comes with a 360Hz ROG Swift monitor. This 24.5-inch full-HD display should be ideal for the competitive gamer. This is mainly of interest to a small niche group of hardcore gamers. Gamers who most likely earn their money from this hobby. I wonder how far you still notice the difference between, for example, a 144Hz and 360Hz monitor, especially for the average consumer.

ThinkPad X1 Fold; Lenovo's first foldable PC

Lenovo uses CES 2020 to launch a world first. Lenovo showed the first foldable PC, the ThinkPad X1 Fold. This product is supposed to bring together the effectiveness of a laptop and the handyness of a smartphone. What is special is that the 13.3-inch OLED screen can be folded. You can use the device as a tablet, close it like a book, but also use it as a laptop. He mostly looks really cool. The ThinkPad X1 Fold should be released around the middle of this year and will cost around 2499 euros.

Samsung reveals 8K QLED television plans for 2020

Samsung is taking the opportunity to unveil their QLED 8K line. The 2020 lineup promises to deliver lifelike 8K resolution with beautiful colors and a thin screen. The flagship of this range is the Q950TS QLED 8K TV. With this 65-inch model, the relative screen size is no less than 99 percent. The screens also run down, with the edges disappearing. The entire line also uses artificial intelligence to improve audio and video capabilities, which should be reflected in the form of voice commands and new options for online video services. These are the first televisions to support native 8K image. Now only the search for 8K footage remains.

Tomorrow you can expect another load of tech news from CES 2020!

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