Stream movies for free without Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a popular service for streaming movies and series, but it's not completely — if not at all — legal. Fortunately, there are other ways to watch your favorite movies and series, without having to be illegally involved.

Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is currently a popular program for watching movies among movie buffs. Logical, because the offer is very large, the video quality is fine and the interface also looks slick. Popcorn Time streams movies to your PC via the torrent protocol. During playback you download a small part of the movie. In addition, you automatically share the images with other users. Uploading and downloading copyrighted files is prohibited. Keep this rule in mind as you explore this program. Also Read: How Dangerous Is It To Use Popcorn Time?

To download

You download the installation file here. There are versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. In this workshop we will start from the Windows edition, at the time of writing Beta 4.2 is the latest version. click on Download Beta 4.2 and open the file Popcorn-Time.exe. Through Next you go through all the steps. The installation wizard will download the remaining Popcorn Time files on its own. Finally click Finish. A window will appear asking you to share the freeware with as many people as possible. After a while, the user interface will appear.

Play movies

Unlike bittorrent clients, with Popcorn Time, there is no need to configure all kinds of settings first. For example, you don't need to check if your router is blocking bittorrent traffic. Playing a movie or series is therefore quite easy. Find an interesting movie or series and click the blue button WATCH IT NOW. Popcorn Time then connects to the bittorrent network. Depending on how many users are sharing the movie, it may take a while for an image to appear. Certainly titles that are less popular sometimes have long waiting times.


Popcorn Time is a well-arranged program that allows you to watch fun movies and series without complicated operations. If you want more control, you can still adjust some settings. Click on the top right Settings (cogwheel icon). At the part Default language adjust the language if necessary. Unfortunately, there is currently no Dutch translation, but you can, for example, set the language to German or French if that suits you better than English. Popcorn Time always downloads a piece from the bittorrent network to your PC. Bee cache folder select a different storage folder if necessary.

VPN connection

Popcorn Time mainly offers copyrighted files. It is officially not allowed to download and share these movies with other users. Although the chances are small that copyright organizations will sue Popcorn Time members en masse, you use the program anonymously to be safe. Popcorn Time is able to connect your PC to a VPN network. Because your internet traffic then goes through a secure connection, you are completely anonymous. Click at the top VPN (padlock icon) and Connect to activate the function.

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