Manage all your music with MusicBee

Most music lovers are quite greedy when it comes to their audio collection. In the meantime, if you have thousands of songs on your computer and you've had it with iTunes, MusicBee comes as a gift from heaven. This is a player that relies on simplicity and speed.


You can download MusicBee here. During the installation you can see that this free player supports many languages, including Dutch. The first time you use MusicBee, the application will suggest to scan the system. This application also extracts songs from iTunes and Windows libraries. Scanning is lightning fast and MusicBee neatly sorts everything by artist and then by album. If you want to add more songs afterwards, click on the arrow in the top bar and that's how you go via File nasty Add files to library or Scan folders for new files.

Playback and Lists

To play a song, double click on the title or use the right mouse button and choose Play now. You create a queue in the same way: then select the assignment Be next in the queue. At the top right you see the list of songs that the player is finishing. Under the tab Playlists three standard lists are available: Recently Played, Recently added and Top 25 Most Played. You can create a new list with the right mouse button in the Playlist Explorer. You add a song to a playlist by right-clicking on a title in the library and choosing Add to playlist. You can also create a so-called auto-playlist, which is a smart list that MusicBee creates itself based on criteria that you determine yourself.


In the tab music explorer you get a kind of file where you can discover more albums of the artist, you can read the profile and find similar artists. Because the eye also wants something, you can give MusicBee different skins via the menu Image / Theater mode. In this mode you decide what you want to see: a photo of the artist, a slideshow of artwork, the text or a combination of these.

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